The IBM PalmTop PC110

Overclocking to 40MHz



I have not yet had a chance to try this out. I believe the reports I've heard, and will be doing this as soon as my PC110 warranty runs out.

Advice given on this page involves alterations to components mounted on the system board. You follow this advice entirely at your own risk.

At least one PC110 died during this upgrade, because one of the pins broke off the clock generator chip. Be very careful...

PC110 overclokcing for $40 New!

Executive Decisions are advertising that they will overclock a supplied PC110 to 40MHz for the princely sum of $40.


Below is given instructions I received from a PC110 owner in Japan. The text comes from his recollection of performing the upgrade, and the photos are of his machine. Details of this upgrade were printed in a Japanese magazine called Mobil PC; this is not an attempt to infringe copyright, just an attempt to spread information further.

The upgrade process is simple: remove the lower casing and the memory expansion module, then rewire some of the connectors on the clock generator chip.

The upgrade works by increasing the clock speed for most of the components, including the processor, by 25% from 33MHz to 40MHz. This, of course, will invalidate any warranty you have left on the machine, and you will be running it beyond the original design specification.

Tools required

Step-by-step instructions


This information was passed to me by Sakamoto Yoshinori, who also provided the photographs. Thankyou!

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Written by Daniel Basterfield. Images found on the internet. Enjoy!