IBM PC110 brochures and adverts

Here are some PC110 brochure and advert scans I came across on the web. I'm afraid this is a blatant blag of somebody else's scans, but I have lost the original URL at which I found these. Click on the thumbnails for the large images, but they are pretty big files.

IBM product brochure for the PC110:

ad-1s.gif (9284 bytes) ad-2s.gif (7141 bytes) ad-3s.gif (16600 bytes)


These two images may be part of the above brochure:

ad-1s.gif (9284 bytes) ad-2s.gif (7141 bytes)


Finally, I don't have a clue what the writing says, but it's a nice picture!

ad-1s.gif (9284 bytes)

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Written by Daniel Basterfield. Images found on the internet. Enjoy!