Installing NT Workstation 4.0
onto the IBM PalmTop PC110



Originally I found NT 4 to be the poorest operating system on the PC110. Since then, however, I have been encouraged by the finding of working 256 colour video drivers, and the discovery that the original PCMCIA problems are sorted out by ServicePacks.

The installation method I chose this time was to use the PCMCIA adapter I'd recently installed into my desktop PC to transfer files directly from the NT 4.0 Workstation CD-ROM to the 260MB PCMCIA hard drive - FAT formatted and DOS bootable. I copied only the i386 directory, but that's 53MB. NT 4.0 Workstation requires around 110MB of space in addition to this to perform its installation.

No major headaches during the installation, bar the speed of it! Default drive configuration is to have the 4MB Flash as C:, and the PCMCIA drive as D:, but to boot from the PCMCIA drive. This does not inconvenience me.

Current Status

Software installed or configured

Outstanding issues / restrictions

NT 4.0 Workstation on 260MB PCMCIA hard disk, FAT formatted. Infra-red  is not supported by NT 4.0.
640x480, 256 colour display support.
SoundBlaster audio support.
RAS dial-up connection via modem to internet
RAS connection to NT server

Installation guidance

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Written by Daniel Basterfield. Images found on the internet. Enjoy!